Lebron james mom is dating who

He was absolutely abysmal last night, he was a no show […] and to choose the NBA Finals to let that happen, that’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with.” He followed that up with equally cryptic tweets about Le Bron’s “situation” including this: Stephen A., who said that people around Le Bron had insinuated that what he’s suggesting is true, refused to go into detail, however, because he doesn’t feel it’s his place to tell Le Bron’s business. This was reported on Houston’s 97.9 The Box this morning.

I have a very reliable source who clubs and drinks with all of the athletes that come through Orlando.

The ceremony was the highlight of a three-day celebration that will conclude with a brunch on Sunday.

MORE: Virtual Le Bron achieves perfection James and Brinson, 27, have been together since high school and have two sons. 1, 2012 in Miami Beach, flanked then by many of his teammates — just as he was again Saturday for his wedding.

"Now that magazines and the paparazzi are taking pictures of me, it's kind of weird.

I never thought it would get to this magnitude, but clearly I was mistaken," she says.

But this is cool, because Bron Bron and Lambo are cool. According to Terez Owens, Da Real Lambo asked for Gloria’s hand in marriage on Christmas. But the fact that Gloria James is even dating a man who is technically her son’s peer is suspect enough. Check out photos of Lambo and his stuntin’ tendencies in the gallery.

His mother Gloria James has found happiness and this 31-year-old rapper aka Arthur Lambright is the reason for the season.

"You have fans and you think they're going to roll with you no matter what, and then they burn your jersey? She didn't want to uproot her sons—Le Bron Jr., five, and Bryce Maximus, three—from their neighborhood, where Le Bron Jr. And if VH1's hit series Basketball Wives is to be believed, Miami groupies are as gorgeous as they are aggressive.

Intense security measures surrounded the wedding, and even some of the invited guests were unclear on some specific details in the days leading up to the long-awaited event that came less than three months after James and the Heat won their second straight NBA title.

Guests were ushered into the wedding areas under the cover of tents, and television footage taken by news helicopters showed that even umbrellas were used to protect the identity of those arriving.

Savannah Brinson, long-time girlfriend of basketball phenom Le Bron James, has just finished her first major photo shoot. "I've always been in the background," she says, having changed back into her white track suit with bedazzled hearts for a bowl of spaghetti at Manhattan's Serafina restaurant.

For this low-key girl from Akron, Ohio, it was quite the heady experience. As she slowly twirls her pasta, she looks both wide-eyed and incredulous.

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Brinson, 24, had better get used to the spotlight, because the glare will only get brighter now that James has left Cleveland, his home for the past seven years, for the sunny climes of Florida.

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