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I'm a 32 year old single male student that will be going to Boston to get another degree.

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And maybe not carbon-12, maybe we're talking about carbon-14 or something. And then nothing happens for a long time, a long time, and all of a sudden two more guys decay. And the atomic number defines the carbon, because it has six protons. If they say that it's half-life is 5,740 years, that means that if on day one we start off with 10 grams of pure carbon-14, after 5,740 years, half of this will have turned into nitrogen-14, by beta decay. What happens over that 5,740 years is that, probabilistically, some of these guys just start turning into nitrogen randomly, at random points. So if we go to another half-life, if we go another half-life from there, I had five grams of carbon-14. So now we have seven and a half grams of nitrogen-14. This exact atom, you just know that it had a 50% chance of turning into a nitrogen.

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The UDP configuration has sometimes trouble with switches that don't like multicast traffic, and is also slower than TCP configurations.

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Teen Chat allows you to speak freely with other teenagers going through many of the same things you are.

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Certified Financial Educator Sarah Ruzol will talk about how money works, self-security vs Social Security, wealth formula (Money, Time, Rate of Return, Taxes and Inflation), debt management, different type of insurance, investment, retirement planning, College/University Saving Plans, Medicare, long-term care, and estate planning.

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You, meanwhile, are unable to talk about your feelings lest you get punched in the nuts by "a lad" telling you not to be "a bender".

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Some countries are struggling to integrate immigrants into the mainstream society and this has sparked an intense debate throughout western democracies, which have been the principal recipients of the newcomers.