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For example: the code below could take a LONG time to display the page if the urls are invalid or unreachable: function is Valid Url($url){ // first do some quick sanity checks: if(! is_string($url)) // quick check url is roughly a valid http request: ( "; else: echo "Can't find '$not_url'."; endif; // Found ' Anyway, this developer demonstrates that c URL is way faster than get_headers(): Since many people asked for karim79 to fix is c URL solution, here's the solution I built today.

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"Although the Grizzlies next home game is some four months away, the "Grizzlies & Grandpas" — like the "Blue Bunch" (a "junior" dance team), the "Claw Crew" (a mixed-talent pep squad) and "Grizzline" (a drumline team) — are already preparing for the coming season.